Hair Stylist Business Training Starts with One Simple Fact.

You are a salesperson, and you sell hair dreams

If you're like many hair stylists, you dislike the idea of selling, but this hangup is holding you back...
PICTURE THIS — You walk past your favorite store, look in the window and see those mannequins dressed to the nines. Ya’ walk in. You try on those jeans, and you look AMAZING!
So, you look at the price and say: “I’ll take ‘em.” You bring them up to the counter and pay that money, plus tax. You just bought something, and YOU FEEL GREAT about it.
You go home and throw those jeans on as fast as you can. You look at yourself in the mirror and think, “DAMN, I look hot! That purchase was so worth it…”
If we all love to buy, then why is it that most salon professionals hate to sell? Just ponder that for a sec.

The Real Business Behind the Chair, Exposed

Honestly, your guests are no different than you; they want to to look and feel amazing — every single one.
By making an offering (and I’ll just call it selling from now on), we are really saying to her: “Do you have a hair fantasy? OK, here is how we can make that happen.”
By learning how to take the fantasy from the client’s words and turn that into reality, we practice our beloved craft.  We are providing a service that is much more meaningful than “just a trim.” This affects our income, big-time.

How to Have an Incredible Career as a Salon Pro: Next Steps

As licensed salon professionals — our earnings behind the chair are LIMITLESS if we are willing to apply ourselves. Chris will teach you practical things that have worked for him and many of the world's most successful hair stylists, real activities that your clients will appreciate, and which will, over time, empower you raise your income to whatever you want.

Read Shop Talk

The first thing to do is to read Shop Talk. It is the map of the journey you are about to take.

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