Benchmarking alone increases stylist income by 25–50% in the first two years alone.

Help your hair stylists to be their best!

The first couple of years out of cosmetology school can be hard for stylists, but they don’t have to be.
Most hair schools do not teach the business side of hairdressing when some very basic business skills can make a huge impact on income.
These lessons are important to discuss because hair stylists still ask the same basic business questions all the time:
“How do I grow and maintain a lifelong clientele? How do I get more referrals?”
“How do I make more money? Why should I sell more retail?”
“How do I know what price to charge? How do I raise prices?”
Everything on this site — free downloadables, Shop Talk, and live sessions — helps stylists answer these questions and then take real action to improve their careers. Everyone is capable of greatness. We all have it inside of us; many are just waiting for the right mentor to help bring it out.
Watching hairdressers grow time and again proves that everyone is capable of greatness. We all have it inside of us; many are just waiting for the right mentor to help bring it out.

What Your Hair Stylists Will Learn

The best way to get to know what Chris teaches is to buy/download Shop Talk, but the following will outline the big ideas behind the material. These are basic, business growth practices specific to the hair industry, and they have been working for hair stylists for decades.


Many stylists have preconceptions about success. They get caught up in technical excellence when there are  easier ways to satisfy their clients, do more business, and earn more.

They need to understand that change is possible (and remove some of their biases).


Behave is about the simple, business-focused actions that drive income: “The Keys to the Vault.”
  • Referrals
  • Returns
  • Haircare products
  • Reserving time
  • Pricing
  • Upgrades
  • Setting performance standards


Finally, we need to work on the customer experience of our service, things like:
  • how to give an inspiring consultation
  • how to deliver a luxurious shampoo
  • how to discover opportunities to book reservations, sell haircare, and create return clients
All of the little details work together to drive the Keys to the Vault, ultimately leading to higher income for stylists. At the same time, BECOME improves the guest experience and will help your salon establish a reputation for quality and professionalism.