About Chris Sulimay

The salon business is my life. I have more family members in the business than I can count on my fingers... and toes for that matter. I have loved hairdressing since the day I braided the hair of a spare mannequin in the garage of my parent’s house.
I spent 22 years (and counting) behind the chair – as an assistant, stylist, in­salon trainer, salon owner, and partner in a cosmetology school. Roughly 30,000 appointments have sat down in my personal chair, for a total value over $2.2 million in services and product sales. I have served over 100,000 salon professionals across the globe, sharing the same messages that have helped so many to thrive in this industry.
In the past few years, I worked as the Academy and Technical Director at Keune Hair cosmetics and North American Education Manager for Living Proof. In both of these roles, I’ve worked with leaders in the industry and students who had never picked up a pair of shears.
These relationships and experiences have shown that people like me are more important than ever in helping hair stylists master the basics of business development. I know these lessons are important to discuss because I still see new professionals asking questions about basic business principles.
They need someone to show them how to take control of their income, and grow exponentially. I am so fortunate to be one of the lucky ones who get to help.